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Choosing a title for a novel can be excruciating at times, and yet, at other times writers (and publishers alike) come up with a title almost straight away. Usually because something about a work suggests its self to the writer. Like Mark J. Howard’s raucous fantasy, TEMPTING FATE, is just that, all about a group of characters tossed together by circumstances, and, eh, fate, who then have to save not only the planet, but the universe itself with nothing more than a box of Swan Vesta matches.

When it comes to a collection of short stories, however, all bets are off. How do you categorise a diverse group of tales and choose a snappy title that conveys what most of those stories are about? One or two might be supernatural in genre, while a third is definitely space opera, and yet another, science fiction or even out and out horror. Do they have a common thread to connect them, or are they too diverse in nature?

Herein lies our current dilemma with naming Howard’s anthology of speculative fiction, featuring three very diverse types of SF, and two very different tales of the supernatural.

Now we’re left staring into the abyss!

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