As I Breathe

AS I BREATHE is an ebook collection of short speculative fiction that include tales of the supernatural, alien invasion, and yes, a touch of romance too. Includes the bonus novelette, Soulmate.


  • A Twist of Fate — What happens when Fate takes an interest in you?
  • The Dark — There was no light …
  • Obituary — The ultimate in Darwin Awards
  • Finley’s Last Chapter — Alien invasion, love and loss
  • Jehanne D’Arc — One life time is never enough
  • The Impossible Girl — Sometimes Death can be cheated
  • Spider, Spider — There are some questions that should never be answered
  • The Last Word — The power to create can become the power that destroys
  • Soulmate — Looking for love in the small ads


Flash Fiction can be tough, but Alexandra Wolfe makes it look easy. ‘Obituary,’ is the ultimate manifestation of The Darwin Awards. Bravo!”
— Aaron M. Wilson, The Soulless Machine Review.

The calm, precious moments in between–Finley in reflection; Finley’s and Georgia’s genuine affection for each other–prelude to the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. Crisp writing that immediately pulls the reader into Finley’s world, and the task at hand. Excellent use of memory via the monkey, ‘Charlie,’ as kind of a source of strength at the end. I quite enjoyed this story; though this is the end for Finley, makes me want to know what came before for these characters. You done good, Alexandra!
— John Claude Smith, author of Riding the Centipede.

The Dark…is an excellent piece. So sad and full of despair.”
— Rachel Green, author of An Ungodly Child

Loved, loved, loved this story. The sense of fear and horror was very poignant as was the intimacy between the hero and her leader lover. Well-written. Story gets an A+.
— Sheryn Miller