Tempting Fate

By Mark J. Howard

“Where Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream collides with Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings at High Noon!” 

Police Constable Horace Chaff, the recondite Professor Quartermaster, landlord of the Realm, Theodore Astrolabe, and that despoiler of common decency, Devious Dave, all have much the same idea. They feel that Sam Suedo can only be some form of slavering demon from the depths of Hell and set out to save the world. In so doing, however, they find themselves trapped inside a spare second of time left over from when God created the universe.

Even if they can find their way out, can they save the world, and, rather more to the point, do they have any idea what they are supposed to be saving it from?

Novel | Fantasy | Humour | Adult


A Future Past Present

By Mark J. Howard

A FUTURE PAST PRESENT is a collection of short speculative fiction stories, featuring past and future wars, altered realities, demons and the supernatural, and genetically altered soldiers bred to die.


  • In The Wink Of An Eye
  • Conscription
  • Snailam’s Watch
  • First Words
  • Merrily, Merrily
  • Mwata Bane of Lions
  • Words For Megan

GENRE: Speculative Fiction
ISBN: 9780987878724